Make Fall Fur-Friendly!

Make Fall Fur-Friendly!
Fall is upon us. This means as the weather picks up and the temperature begins to drop, layering is very important -  especially layering up our furry friends! Don't forget about all of the fun autumn activities there are to take part in with our loving pets, and also remember to keep them cozy!
Doggy Raincoat
Don't let rainy days keep you indoors! Gear up your canine in this waterproof raincoat and explore the outdoors. Non-insulated design allows for use in warm climates and can be worn over insulating layers for cold climates. His coat will keep dry and his energy will be exerted - what sounds better than that?
Doggy Overcoat
When the temperature drops and your dog has been cooped up for too long, throw on this doggy overcoat and let him roam around in the fresh air. Wind- and water-resistant outer fabric keeps the elements out, while the interior fleece layer keeps body heat in.
Nighttime Walking
As the moon comes out earlier, it's important to be prepared when walking your dogs at night. Make sure to refrain from using retractable leashes as it's dark and you can't see as far. Instead, use a reflective dog leash so others can see you're there. Wearing high-visibility or reflective clothing as well as a clip-on light can also help with being seen to ensure the safety of you, your dogs, and others around.
Honeycomb Bed
Keep your pets warm and cozy with this honeycomb bed. It provides warmth and support for your furry friends during these not-so-warm months.

Micro-Fiber Mat
Put this mat at the door for when your canine comes running in from the outdoors. It will keep you and your house clean from whatever it may be - wet grass, dirt, mud, snow - you name it!

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